Rivera Fenway Salute

Rivera Fenway Salute

I have to tip my hat to the Red Sox Nation. Yes…..yes, I know, a YANKEES fan is tipping his hat to the bitter rival and showing the “B” some love. But before you begin to believe that I have “come to my senses”, whatever that may mean, I’d like to go on to fill you in on just exactly why there is an olive branch being offered here.

Most recently at Fenway Park, the Red Sox were playing host to my beloved pinstripes. There just seems to always be tension in the air when these two teams meet. I mean who remembers Pedro Martinez charging and eventually throwing down Don Zimmer? Or how about the infamous A-rod “collision at first base” that knocked the ball from Bronson Arroyo’s hand? Suffice it to say……there is no love lost between the Red Sox and Yankees. However, in the bottom of the 9th trailing 5-3, Mariano Rivera trotted in from the bull pen in right field and I saw something from Red Sox Nation I never dreamed was possible……humility.

Red Sox Nation stood and cheered the almost certain first ballot hall of famer as he approached the mound. My brain could not comprehend what my eyes were seeing. The Sandman was getting some love from the enemy?? What is this world coming too??

But then it dawned on me that Red Sox Nation, while it may be the bane of my existence, knows greatest when they see it and more importantly knows how to show it. Red Sox fans are no strangers to greatness but it is quite another thing to appreciate greatness from a rival team. Therefore, I am tipping my hat and giving a standing ovation back to the fans of Red Sox Nation for showing such class and respect to a soon to be baseball legend.

I will always be a fan of the rivalry and still keep hoping the Sox will make another trade that plunges them into another 84 year drought from the world championship crown (thanks for the Babe btw.), but it will be with a tremendous amount of respect for the fans of Red Sox Nation that I cheer for my beloved navy pinstripes and hope to one day return the humility and respect for the greatness of baseball seen on this night.


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