10 Rules NFL GMs Should Follow

We all watch our NFL GMs make some moves that leave us shaking our head….. too often.

Worry not!

I’ve created 10 rules that every NFL GM should follow. These rules will help your struggling franchise climb back out of the top 10 picks.

Some day when I get hired as the GM of the Miami Dolphins, I will solve these problems!


1. Never pass on a franchise QB, unless you already have one

Now the trick is deciding if he’s a franchise QB. But we see year after year teams pass on them. (Miami – Matt Ryan) Nothing is more important to a NFL franchise than it’s QB, not even it’s coach (Josh McDaniel’s?) If your NFL GM can draft one, take him.

2. Never trade your away first round pick for a player, unless it’s for a franchise QB

There are just two many great players who could help you. Plus they are under 5 year deals. You don’t trade a first for a RB (Trent Richardson) or a DE (Richard Seymore). If you want to trade up or back that’s fine, but don’t trade it away.

3. Value trumps Need

Don’t reach for need. You see teams take 2nd round QB’s in the top 15 because of need. If their a second round QB, get them in the second round. If you have a 2nd round grade on a player and he’s there in the 4th, value trumps need and you draft him. Even if you don’t need him right now. Good players are hard to find regardless of what position.

4. Don’t draft an OLB who can’t rush the passer in the first 2 rounds.

Those OLBs are good players, and can help, but get them later. (Aaron Curry!?) It doesn’t matter what other skills they have, if they can’t get after the QB they are not worth a top 2 round pick.

5. Never pay big money to a player over 30, unless it’s a franchise QB

Contracts for NFL players are for what their going to do, not what they’ve done. At 30 players start to decline, (Shaun Alexander) and you don’t want to be stuck on a bad contact.

6. Draft a QB every 3 years

It doesn’t matter what round, but get a value guy in the middle rounds to keep your cupboards stocked. It’s the most important position, one injury and your season could be over. Also, you would be surprised how quickly their value rises and could be traded. (Charlie Whitehurst) (Matt Cassell)

7. Draft an OL or DL every year

Again it doesn’t matter what round, but big guys are hard to find and having a strong offensive line and defensive line will keep your team competitive for years. 4th, 5th round guys develop into regular starts and keep your team deep.

8. Draft for risk late

If your taking players in the 6th, 7th round go for boom or bust guys! How did no one spend a 7th on Vontaze Burfict? If you miss on them it’s standard, but if you hit a homer that’s like an extra 2nd or 3rd round pick.

9. Don’t draft Kickers or Punters in the top 4 rounds

The value just isn’t there, year after year the top kickers and punters rotate. They are an important position just not worth the value.. much like a OLB who can’t rush the passer.

10. Build through the draft, augment through Free Agency.

Unless there is a 25 year old elite player on the market (Brees) you don’t want to over spend on those players. Get more picks and develop your own. You need to build your core through the draft, don’t buy it on the market. (Snyder, I’m talking to you.)

There you have it, remember these 10 rules and you’ll be on your way to developing a solid NFL franchise. Lets see how many of these get broken this weekend at the NFL Draft!