The Cutler Saga

The Cutler Saga

I just don’t understand the Cutler Saga. I really don’t. Sure, maybe he could have played. Maybe he couldn’t. That’s not his call, that’s the trainers, and the coaches. The concept that he took himself out of the game is the one I just don’t get. As in, he didn’t want to get hit any more…. and quit. This is the same guy who’s been behind the Bears center for the last two seasons? The guy behind maybe the worst O-line in football? The guy with a kick returner as his best receiver? The guy who was sacked and hit more than any other quarterback this season? He quit? I’m not buying.

Cutler has got hit and sacked so often over the past two season, and got up and played the next snap, the next game. For two straight years…. in a no win situation. It’s amazing to see how many interceptions are his wide outs fault. So he holds on to the ball to make sure their open… and gets sack. “Jay, don’t hold on to the ball that long.” so he throws and gives his receivers a chance to make a play, and they don’t. “Jay don’t throw more interceptions.” It goes around and around. After every sack, every hit, Cutler gets up and goes to the next play. I’ve never seen him once blame his Offensive line. Never once shift the blame to his receiver, and yet some how he’s the cry baby? I just don’t get it.

All he did was take a bears team that had a defense, a solid running back, and a kick returner to the NFC Championship. Getting hit every other play and saying nothing. Now, when his coach and doctors say he can’t go back in after trying the first series after half time….. he’s the quiter?

I will never understand where it comes from…. it’s a raw deal. Hang in there Cutler


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