Type of Baseball Gloves Reviews

Type of Baseball Gloves Reviews

Baseball gloves vary depending on the position of the player. There are several different varieties of gloves and brands to choose from. Sifting through the information can be difficult, but with a little research, one can find the right glove for them. Depending on the person, one might want a lighter smaller glove, a larger easier glove to catch with, or something in between. Either way, good baseball gloves can be found with a little ingenuity on the part of the shopper.

If one plays the infield, there are several different types of baseball pitching gloves to choose from. The first thing one will want to look at with a fielder’s glove is the padding on the palm. Some players are more comfortable with a thicker padding on the palm as it makes it easier on the hand. Brands known for their soft padding are louisville slugger and all-star. Others will want to have a lighter glove that has less padding in the palm. The other aspect of the glove that will greatly influence one’s play is the webbing.

There are three major varieties of webbing available: cross bar, closed and open. The open webbing helps the user to more quickly toss the ball from the glove, which is why it is generally preferred for infielders. The closed style, on the other hand, is usually preferred for pitchers and outfielders who may want the security of the closed webbing along with the ability to hide the presence of the ball from the batter.

First basemen are likely to have a specific type of glove that is intended to make it easier to pitch the ball from the glove to make an additional play. Most of these have closed webbing and a cup in the palm of the glove between the thumb and forefinger. The cup makes it easier to catch the baseball, specifically on those hard to reach foul ball plays.

Catcher’s mitts are an entirely different type of baseball gloves. The catcher’s mitt sees far more playing time than any of the other player’s gloves and thereby needs to be much thicker. The thickness of the padding, specifically around the edge of the glove, will generally determine the quality of the glove. The thicker the glove the more likely it is to withstand the test of the pitches coming into it. Also, one will want a tougher style of leather for the catcher’s mitt than for other baseball pitching gloves. A deer or cow hide is usually best for catcher’s mitts.

No matter the type of glove, one will always want to break it in prior to really using it. The easiest way to do this is to put a baseball in the glove and tie the glove over it with a belt, shoe strings, or some rubber bands. This will conform the baseball gloves to the baseball making them more ready to catch the ball when it comes time to play baseball.


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